Vailati goat's cheeses

Some time ago, during one of our gastronomic trips in search of new and inspiring ingredients, we came across almost by chance theVailati Agricultural Company.
It is a small company in the Alessandria area, near Ovada, which only produces goat's cheeses.
We went to visit the company and spoke with Anton and Vassili, who took over the family business and infused new energy and ideas.
Under their guidance, we saw with our own eyes how well the animals are treated, the care with which the cheeses are produced; we listened to the stories of a passionate family that was able to transform itself into a company without compromising on quality.

We tasted practically everything, from milk to mature cheeses, and we especially fell in love with some products. Two, goat's blue and robiola, we have both included in the past summer menu, while for the autumn menu we chose goat's taleggio, which can be found in our risotto.
If you like gastronomic trips, we recommend a visit to the farm. Otherwise, you can come to taste our dishes!

goat cheeses - bele' restaurant