Whether black, white or summer, the truffle is certainly the perfect ingredient to embellish any dish.
Many people don't know that it is a mushroom (not a tuber) and that each variety is a world unto itself, both in terms of taste and the environmental conditions in which it grows.
The Tuber magnatum, the most prized white one, grows in preferably marly-calcareous soils, at an altitude lower than 700 m above sea level, possibly near watercourses.
The Tuber melanosporum, the black one, can be found in a hilly environment and requires calcareous-gravel soil.
In all cases, to "find" a truffle the hunter or "trifolao" must avail himself of the collaboration of a dog with a very fine nose and trained to recognize its distinctive aroma.

As regards the accompaniment of the wine, it is essential to choose a type that enhances it without overpowering its unmistakable aroma, especially if it is white truffle.

If you want to try it, at the Belé Restaurant we chose the winter Scorzone, or hooked truffle, and paired it with tagliolini with smoked butter (from us) and a delicate cauliflower cream. Come and try it.