Light and fragrant dishes, aromatic marinades and delicate cooking, so many suggestions and colours.
Like every year, summer brings the joy of the garden, the adventure of travel, the languid calm of idleness to the kitchen.
Our kitchen team, led by chef Giulia Ferrara, has developed a fresh and inviting menu
to rediscover the pleasure of sitting at the table and being seduced by the summer season.
We invite you to taste the new menu and enjoy our anti-heat recipes.

Starters - nice' restaurant


Pears, figs, and grana salad with pears cream infused with fig leaves oil, green tomatoes chutney and curry

€ 15

Beef tartare
with 'nduja cream,
toasted friggitelli
and stracciatella

€ 16

Grilled red mullet
with spiced plums,
peanut cream
and dried plum sauce

€ 18

first - beautiful' restaurant


Tamarind risotto,
with pine nuts cream and rhubarb

€ 16

Green gazpacho
with raw salmon, cucumbers and sour onions

€ 18

Lemon and cinnamon tagliolini with cardamom courgette cream and trumpet courgettes with mint

€ 16

Spaghettoni “Cavalieri”
with fresh tomato and basil sauce

€ 15

seconds - beautiful' restaurant


Veal topside
with aubergine cream
and amaretti, capers
and salted lemons

€ 26

Baked peaches
with carob cream, basil extract
and black garlic

€ 22

Chicken breast with cream
of apricots with tarragon and apricot and coriander salad

€ 24

Raw croaker with Sichuan pepper, baked watermelon, bergamot mayo and Campari gel

€ 25

sweets - bele' restaurant


Lavender cream, apricots and buckwheat and rosemary crumble and apricot sorbet

€ 8

Almond panna cotta
with blackberry compote
and pepper crumble

€ 8

Hazelnut and raspberry cake,
gianduia cream, fresh raspberries
and cocoa-sanded hazelnuts

€ 8