The Belé tasting menu is a gastronomic journey consisting of seven courses to discover our menu.
Unlike the classic menu, the tasting menu has been developed to offer guests a complete and balanced experience.
It allows us to tell a story through the dishes that represent us the most, and gives us the opportunity reveal the philosophy of the restaurant as well as the creativity of chef Giulia Ferrara in a single dining experience.

Hours and Availability:

The tasting is available on the evenings of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday And Sunday only for reservations up until 9.30pm.
Saturday and Sunday at lunch for reservations until 1pm.
The tasting menu does not allow changes (except for serious intolerances or allergies) and is available for a minimum of 2 people.

tasting menu - belé restaurant


Chicken terrine with fennel, grapes and Grana Padano salad, oyster leaf and Moscato gel

Seared prawns with spicy broccoli sauce, charred Brussels sprouts, and bergamot mayo


Smoked black tea and onion tagliolini with ‘nduja bread

Zola risotto with raspberry vinegar bonito and Campari marinated beetroot


Roasted piglet saddle with cauliflower and saffron cream, apples and horseradish

Braised octopus with sweet potatoes, seared radicchio and mole sauce


White chocolate cream mousse with candied thistles, tangerine cream and olives and caramel crumble

Coconut blancmange, kiwi, elderflower and corn waffles

Orange cake with hazelnut cream and rum gel

€80 per person

wine pairing - wines - tasting menu - belé restaurant


A wine tasting itinerary enhances and harmonizes your dinner. Let our sommeliers guide you through a wine pairing experience that perfectly fits your taste and matches your selection of dishes.
Let our sommeliers guide you on a personalized wine pairing journey, perfect to accompany the dishes you have chosen.

3 glasses – 25€

4 glasses – 35€

5 glasses – 45€